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written by Ryan Cox

Elizabeth Redmond is the CEO and co-founder of CoWorkr.  CoWorkr is a software platform that leverages high resolution sensor data and a secure Google cloud environment. CoWorkr gives organizations the data and tools needed to learn and manage dynamic commercial real estate.

What’s the Big Idea?

Optimizing office space can result in increased productivity and significant office space (footprint) reduction helping to increase an organizations bottom line.

Key Learning

Coworker is helping companies deal with activity based working environments which are being driven by the present day workers mobility.  A full integration of IoT devices and real-time workplace technologies will …

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April 2018 Founders Grove Capital Newsletter

written by Ryan Cox

Founders Grove Capital is focused on acquiring the best, most promising multi-family investment opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth. The demand for multi-family investments in DFW is as competitive as it’s ever been and rightly so, thanks to tremendous population growth and new job creation. We are continuing to analyze a vast number of opportunities …

Moderning Existing Facilities Infrastructure with Senseware Co-Founder, Serene Al-Momen

written by Ryan Cox

Serene Al-Momen is Co-Founder and CEO of Senseware. Serene is an entrepreneur working on her 2nd startup with Senseware and an adjunct professor at George Mason University.

Her PhD research led her to meet her co-founder Julien Stamatakis. Julien was focused on developing the use of accelerometers and sensors to measure Parkinson’s disease severity …

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Multi-family Properties

written by Ryan Cox

In my years of investing, I’ve found multi-family properties to be the most attractive and profitable investments, which is why I’ve specialized in these types of properties at Founders Grove. I consider the three main advantages of multi-family properties to be better returns, increased stability, and enhanced portfolio diversity.

Higher Returns

After adjusting for risk, multi-family …

Beyond Location: Two Aspects of Property Value to Consider before Making an Investment

written by Ryan Cox

Location is one of the biggest factors in a property’s value, but there are several other factors that can affect it. Before you invest in a property, ask yourself these two questions to avoid being surprised by plummeting value or additional expenses.  

Has the property suffered any damage that could be costly to repair in the future? 

Perhaps the property you’re interested in investing …

How to Determine the Best Real Estate Market for Your Investment

written by Ryan Cox

We all know what a big part location plays in property value, but it can be a challenge to determine which market, city, neighborhood, or even street you want to invest in. As you explore potential investment areas, try following these three steps to conduct a thorough evaluation of the pros and cons of …

Building Management at Scale with Michael Franco, CEO of Riptide

written by Ryan Cox

Michael Franco the founder & CEO of Riptide, a cloud-based building management solution to make every building an exceptional experience. He has 20 years experience as a technology executive — leading teams in product, project and program management.  Previous to Riptide, he managed the international services team for Cisco Systems Smart+ Connected Buildings.

We started …

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